St. Patricks Day Pistol Shooting Competition Score Card 4-3-19

Hilltop Gun Club Saint Patrick’s Day Pistol Shooting Competition MARCH 17 2019 Averaged Scores for 3 Stages Bill Hendrick –           Averaged Time: 46:70  Averaged Score: 209 David Malawista –     Averaged Time: 23:60        Averaged Score: 246 Bill Morgan –             Averaged Time: 42:35  Averaged Score: 209 Roger Lehman –         Averaged Time: 23:06     Averaged Score: 243 Randy Darby –           Averaged Time: 21:36    Averaged…


PISTOL SHOOTING COMPETITION – WHAT IS IT? America’s oldest sport is pistol shooting. People have been shooting at targets with pistols and other firearms since the 1620’s here on our Eastern shore and soon to follow countrywide. Men and woman would wager to see who was the best, fastest or both while enjoying company and sharing experiences. Families and friends…

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"To provide education, training, and safe proper usage of firearms under the direction of a qualified range officer as a means to promote sport shooting in a controlled environment utilizing the best instructions, practices and principles available."

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