Defensive Carry and 1 in the Pipe

Defensive Carry and 1 in the Pipe

Kevin Martin

I’ve been asked 3 times recently by people that have a concealed carry weapon license, which by the way you no longer need in Ohio, if I carry a loaded handgun with a cartridge in the chamber, and is that dangerous? My first response yes and yes it is very dangerous to someone bent on causing me bodily harm.

Case in 2018 the Dept of Justice repeated this crime report stating this, the average distance of an attack is 7′, ķthe average time of the attack is 7 seconds. Almost all attacks are done by right handed people and 98% of all attacks usually end up with a fight on the ground.

Please keep in mind that you probably Do Not have time to draw your gun then rack the slide and chamber a round, find your target then eliminate it before they touch you. The next issue is you have to use 2 hands to chamber a round so that prevents you from defending yourself with your Empty Hand..Last is personal harm and liability to yourself and others. If the criminal grabs your gun while you are fiddling with it then shoots you or others there is probably going to be a massive law suit that you will be responsible to defend yourself in a court of law.

What about a safety? Most simi automatic handguns have no slidelock or trigger safety. Your trigger finger is the guns safety. As the Chief Instructor of Hilltop Gun Club I always suggest to my students carry your defense pistol fully loaded with hollow point munitions and have a round in the chamber. It’s better to fire out of holster straight into the Perp multiple times before transiting into firing positions 2 3 and 4. Or you may end up injured maimed or dead.

Practice defensive techniques always and often.


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