Handbook Series – Basic Elements And Fundamentals Of Gun Safety

Handbook Series – Basic Elements And Fundamentals Of Gun Safety

At Hilltop Gun Club we strive to teach all students young or old, new or experienced the same fundamentals and elements of Firearm usage.

This course is about Elements and Fundamentals of Firearm handling.


  • Keep a Positive attitude at all times
  • Knowledge is Strength
  • Skill Sets with your firearm is imperative

Accident Causes:

  • Ignorance of the firearm and related issues
  • Arrogance as knowing too much – The Empty Bowl Rattles the Most
  • Carelessness – Finger on the Trigger – Loaded Chamber – Being Stupid
  • Pride – Proud – Boastful – Smarter than the average

The 3 Elements of Firearm Safety Rules:

  • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction – Which in reality there is no safe direction
  • Keep your Finger off the Trigger until you are ready to shoot
  • Know your target and what is beyond – You are responsible for the speeding bullet
  • A Speeding Bullet is like the Spoken Word, Once it is loosed it cannot be returned 

Common Sense Safety Rules: 

  • Use clean proper ammunitions
  • Store your firearms so that they are no accessible to unauthorized persons
  • Never use alcohol or drugs while  training or carrying a firearm 

Kevin Martin: Chief Instructor Hilltop Gun Club

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