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2017 Concealed Carry class schedule is posted. Click here!
Hilltop Gun Club offers concealed carry certification, and array of firearms training, sales & service, in Athens County, Ohio.
  • Full time year around combat training in the shooting arts including CCW, shotgun and home defense.
  • Our trainers are former and current Law Enforcement and Military and we are all NRA Life members.
  • Athens County's only certified gun range.
Top 10 reasons for concealed carry weapons training costs


Hilltop Gun Club membership prices:
  • $50.00 Individual
  • $90 Family
  • $5.00 Guests
  • Kids under 18 free
  • Range use: $25 per day

 · All members are required to donate 10 hours to the range per year.
 · Range donated hours can be purchased at $20 per hour.
 · Range open Saturdays: Winter 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Summer 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Hilltop Gun Club contacts

Dave MilnerRange Development
John EulerRange Safety Officer/Instructor
Fred ZerkleMarketing/Liaison
Robert StumRange Safety officer/Liaison
Casey MyersWebsite Development
Jim SaltzmanPublic Relations


Being that too many people contact us about taking the HillTop Gun Club's concealed carry weapons course and dont show up for class starting December 2017 all students wishing to train with us and to achieve their CCW permit must pay a 50% deposit to either Instructors Kevin Martin or John Euler. NO Exceptions what so ever. We have been liberal about allowing students to show up and train and then pay for the course and we have been taken advantage of because of our niceness.  So please dont waste our time and ask a million questions about what you need to do to take our course, ( all CCW information is on our website) and then dont show up for class. If you want trained then get in your deposit. Staff


Our Chief Instructor quite often gets asked the same question about what does it cost and require to get your CCW training and certification from HillTop Gun Club. We will list the requirements.
  • $125.00 per person
  • Discounts apply - please inquire
  • 200 rds of ammo for your pistol required
  • 1 box of 5o rounds of 9MM ammo for the instructor
  • A set of hearing and eye protection
  • You should have snacks and hydration fluids
  • The course is 8 hours
  • The class starts at 8AM and ends at 4PM
  • The classroom is at 8156 Salem Road Athens Ohio
  • Make sure you dress according to the weather as we train at the range no matter if its 110 degrees or snowing
  • You must pass 2 written tests
  • You must pass 2 verbal tests
  • You must pass 3 shooting tests to receive your certificate
  • Once you get your certificate you can apply to a Sheriffs office for a license
  • We rent handguns if needed
  • We can supply ammo if needed
Thank you Staff. Please contact us for any of your questions  

November 2017 Concealed Carry Weapons school

Hilltop Gun Club Master Firearms Instructor, John Euler will conduct another one of his well known Ohio 8 hour Concealed Carry Weapons courses November 26 from 8 AM until 4PM. Interested students should sign up as soon as possible as the classed fill up fast. Learn safety, gun identification, ammo types, Ohio law, common sense,  nomenclature and targets. Euler is a retired United States Army Military Policeman and is highly certified. Cost is 125$ per student. Discounts apply. Call or email for further details.  Range location 675 Pearlwood Road Albany Classroom location 8156 Salem Road Athens. Staff

Recent comment about a July 17 private shotgun class

I may have had the misfortune of taking a private shotgun class from Hilltop Gun Club's chief instructor, Kevin Martin. I've read articles and have spoken to friends about the training intensity that Mr. Martin is known for. I contacted him back in November about if and when he would be teaching shotgun and he said anytime I wanted a class to get in touch. According to some law enforcement people, Hilltop's classes are based on realistic combat shooting, as the instructors are always "wired in" with people in the military. Little did I know that I would be flooded non stop with a steady stream of Bando Gun Hand training and a body pounding shooting. Mr. Martin warned me many times that if I was going to take a class that I would need to train myself with my shotgun, especially getting used to the guns kick. He suggested that I start off 6 weeks before the class and shoot 50 rounds of various 2.5 and 3" shells for the first 4 weeks, then to shoot 100 rounds week 5 and 6 to prepare my shoulders and arms to the relentless pounding. I did not do as he suggested. I shoot a lot of various firearms and was thinking that I was prepared. WRONG! Kevin's first drill was a cold shoot with 20 rounds of #7 bird-shot, non stop and to load the gun as fast as possible. That was at 9 AM and the day just started. He stated that firearms "ate a shit pot full of ammo" when being used in self defense and combat situations and a firearm will, "run dry" real quick. Thus the second drill he put us through was reload-reload-reload.  That was the beginning of the class and for the next 8 hours with some breaks we shot in access of 200 rounds. He only let up because both of us were so tired and sore we could barely stand up let alone hold up a shotgun. Have a sling on your gun also which I also didn't have. I can state that after Sundays training that I never want to take a any class from Mr. Martin again unless I do exactly as he suggests. Sunday was review and easy training as he knew we were in no shape to, "Mount the Weapon" as he called it. Kevin is like a gentle bear that can and would rip your head off if needed,  but his training is world class. Hopefully by October I will be recouped and will take his Carbine class which he states wont beat me up but will break my bank account. Carbine Class Level 4 we are required to have 2 guns and 1000 round of ammo! I recommend Hilltop Gun Club, and especially Kevin Martin to anyone for any type of firearm or archery training. Be prepared and do as he suggests and you will be rewarded for your hard work. Robert


The Hilltop Gun Club & Archery Range is always in need of members and volunteers, especially with the new expansions and the ranges nearly completed and ready for usage. And we need you now more than ever! We are constantly looking for people to volunteer at the rifle range development site, to work as safety officers (Once trained and certified) to help maintain our 14 acre nature preserve, to set up target stands, seed and straw the fresh bulldozed areas and many many other tasks. As usual recruiting new members for our organization and to assist with direct solicitation and mailings is a task we always need help with. The gun and archery ranges need volunteers to help us maintain the trails and set up various ever changing targets. If you are interested in becoming a member of HillTop Gun Club & Archery Range volunteer, please call 740-517-2774 or email or call any of the officers of the range you see listed on our web site. Or email us at hilltopgunclub.com. Like us on Face Book also Staff

Teaching large pistol to small girls

Recently a father and his daughters visited the range and inquired about letting his girls try out a pistol. Unbeknownst to me he brought a big thick heavy brand new Ruger .45! Not a gun to start young people, especially very small girls out on. Neither of these two had ever seen a gun let alone touch one so we knew from the start that they would need very proper introduction to gun mounting, proper stance, breathing techniques and sight alingment. Although they were scared out of their normal minds and were shaking like dogs shitting toothpicks by the time we finished their introductions and tactical training these two very young women over came their fears and were actually very into shooting.. As dad said afterwards: "You have a real talent for teaching and calming." We hope dad will buy the girls some .22 revolvers and rifles so that we can start them both off onto a fantastic world of target shooting, firearm collecting and maybe hunting.

Hilltop Gun Club & Archery Range

There is a well known saying that Rome wasn't built in a day. And I find that so true creating a brand new archery and firearm range out of 14 acres of very undeveloped land and forest. Over the past 3 years the raw piece of property that had 2 burnt out double wide house trailers, a  burnt up storage building, a former junk yard, a dump ground for an ex asphalt company and a host of other issues has finally come to the near completion of being ready. Yeah yeah I know i have said that from the get go but it is nearly finished. Last week we graded all driveways and parking lots hopefully for the last time and the Swamp Range was graded for proper drainage to the creek and then seeded and rolled down .If that works then we will start to install the Static Target Archery Range. The Static Target Archery Range will also have a shelter house, bow hangers, benches, tables and chairs and a places to store equipment. That will offer archers stationary targets from 25' out to 450'. The bulldozer operator was finally able to get the junction of 3 roads in and out of the forest graded and all of that area will be seeded this week. The last absolute work we need to complete will to be to lower the area in between the 800-900' bullet impact zone down another 4' then widen out the actual bullet impact bank another 20'. Once that area is finished then we will have a large 150' by 100' flat graded area to conduct classes. Then up goes the target holders and that is ready to be used. The last few small jobs will be to get the #2 Steel Alley bunker graded and seeded and then the swamp will be dozed out so we can drive through the middle of it up into the 1000' rifle range and to create the Bio Gardens and Wildlife area. In other words we are creating a 1/2 acre swamp. UP on top of the meadow at the back of the property we recently noticed that the Butterflies- Bats - Bees and & Bats wildlife area if functioning as designed and planted and last week saw at least 50 Monarch butterflies. You may be asking why is the range being developed into a Wild life sanctuary and preserve? The 14 acres is 50% meadow and lawn and the rest is forest. Monarch butterflies are very endangered and S. E. Ohio is one of the best places in the entire North America area for them to fly to from Mexico. Today we will transplant 12 more Butterfly Weeds which host the Monarch. Over the past years we have seen a myriad of animal life in the area including fish, deer, bear, turkey, geese, frogs, turtles, squirrels, rabbits, raccoon, snakes, opossum, fox, coyote and every known bird including an eagle. The Operations Board of the club decided we must do what we can to protect and encourage all creatures to come live off the land and offer enjoyment to our customers and members. Many people when they see the range for the first time often comment how it looks like a city park. Rabbit Run Range now is cleared and ready to be utilized as soon as we buy Rinehart 3-D and stationary targets. In addition we will also have paper and metal targets throughout Rabbit Run to hunt. Please consider our range for your visitation and usage. We hope to have another shelter house up over top of the Rifle Shooting area and benches shortly Over the next month or so there will be a cabin placed up on top of the meadow and can be rented for a low cost. IT will be primitive camping usage only and there is not a better place for a romantic get away and star gazing. You can always contact any of the board members for further information.      

Another great review from a satisfied customer

Another great review from a satisfied customer:

"I was very pleased with the CCW class through the Hill top gun club. It was great training and John and Kevin are A+ instructor's. Highly recommend anybody that wants to take this class to go through them."

- K.L.

A great review from another satisfied customer

I recently completed the concealed carry handgun course that is offered at the Hilltop Gun Club and I am more than satisfied with my experience. Trainers Kevin Martin and John Euler are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced instructors with a wealth of training skills and techniques that far surpasses any shooter I have ever met. Even being the fairly experienced shooter that I am, Kevin and John opened my eyes to new aspects of firearms handling and using that I had never even considered. The training style of the course is very militaristic and hands on and will offer you a chance to challenge yourself mentally and physically. However, the course is still structured in a way that is suitable for men and woman of all ages and walks of life. I myself am a male in my early 20's and as I mentioned, I could not be more pleased with the course. Also, as a college student on a tight budget, the cost of the class was very affordable and well worth the relatively small investment when compared to the amount of information learned in the course. I left that day feeling confident in the new skills I had learned and found myself very eager to learn more. Fortunately, the Hilltop Gun Club offers an wide variety of courses in varying degrees of difficulty, including hand to hand combat as well as rifle and shotgun classes. I highly recommend the Hilltop Gun Club to anyone. Weather you have no firearm experience and wish to learn to basics of safety and handling, or you are a skilled shooter looking to hone in and expand on your abilities, the Hilltop Gun Club has something for you. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Ryan S.

The Head Shot Triad

Recently I was asked when I was on the range teaching a class from a concerned student about how to instantly stop a violent action with a handgun or pistol. In addition she expressed her fear of being blown to bits by a Terrorist with a suicide vest or bomb. Those questions got me to thinking long and hard for an easy answer. I told her later in the week to show up to the range and we would practice shooting THE HEAD SHOT TRIAD drill. As like any other professional combative disciplines instructor I name my training drills. The Head Shot Triad is a drill we run to blow out the brain's Medulla Oblongata out of the skull. If you do a quick internet search you will be able to see and study the human brain and its various parts. Attached and hidden at the top of the spinal cord and nestled under the cerebellum lies the medulla oblongata. Its primary job for humans is that it controls the hands and heart amoungst other functions. Destroy the medulla and the threat is stopped. Any projectile that penetrates the skull most usually stops a human movement within nanoseconds. The medulla oblongata is a favorite target of world wide special forces, law enforcement and highly trained gunners. Knifer's know that slamming a cold razor sharp dagger right into the base of the skull (where the oblongata is) in the Back Neck Pocket as we say in our martial system of Bando will put the human down and out in a blink of an eye. Shootists can attest that a speeding bullets into a skull works the best to stop a threat but that target zone is the most difficult to actually hit especially if the target is dynamic. A case in point would be the United States Navy SEALS that put Osama Ben Laden down with a hot 5:56 round tearing through his nose. OK so you catch the drift that a correctly placed bullet into a select region of a brain works. What is a HEAD SHOT TRIAD shooting drill? 1. the target zone is the size of a roll of fifty cent pieces 2. the target zone is 360 degrees around the skull 3. the target zone can be entrapped at any angle Targets: 1. start with a static target with a piece of duct tape placed on a humanoid target from ear to ear, Shoot face to face 2. make a target that is round or buy theater department Styrofoam heads. They cost about a $1.00 3. run a row of duct tape around your target and then turn the target so you are facing a back or side of a skull Drill 1. From 1' shoot 3 rounds into the skull target From 5-10-15 and 25' do the same shooting drill From 50' and 75' out to 125' again preform the same shooting drill.. Check your shooting ability and adjust for proper marksmanship Drill 2. Set up the skull target as if the person in kneeling down or bent over Shoot down into the skull from various distances Shoot various distances while preforming a Tactical Retreat to cover. Remember you are thinking this person may have a bomb on them and it may explode Drill 3. *THIS DRILL IS DANGEROUS SO DO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR DOING AS A SPEEDING BULLET CAN FLY OFF FOR A MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Kneel, squat, roll and Lay down and shoot up into the base of a skull Lie prone and shoot up into the skull at a distance Lie on your back, kneel or crawl and shoot directly straight up into the bottom of the skull Drill 4. Use various cover and concealment training aids and preform various marksmanship shooting drill into either a humanoid 3-D target, a made target or a paper target from various distances. Learn to find any items to throw at the BAD PERSON or TERRORIST if possible to distract them before shooting their head off Shoot with one eye closed and with one hand. Drill 5. *DO NOT SHOOT CENTER BODY MASS IF YOU ASSUME THERE IS A TERRORIST AS A BULLET COULD CAUSE AN EXPLOSIVE PACK TO IGNITE* There are as many shooting drills as their are stars in outer space. I believe that less is more in any shooting drill so stick to the basics. What is the Threat Where is the Target Find your gun Locate the target Point your gun Aim you sights Fire your weapon Fire again Follow Through Breath Sweep and Scan the area 360 degrees because his wife or buddy might be coming right at you with a trigger in their hand!   Stay safe Kevin Martin Chief Instructor: HillTop Gun Club Athens Ohio