Pistol Rifle Shotgun Marksmanship Shooting Guide

Pistol Rifle Shotgun Marksmanship Shooting Guide

By Kevin Martin

Principles of Shooting:

In order to hit a target with a bullet fired from your weapon of choice a shooter must do 2 things properly and precisely. 

1. Point the weapon & and align the sights at the intended target (Sight Alignment) 

2. Fire the weapon without moving it (Trigger Control)

These 2 steps are the the Principles of Shooting that apply to all weapons, and are called the Process of Shooting

Principles versus Techniques: 

As you practice and study target shooting you perhaps will notice many techniques to get to the given task. Not all techniques are proper principles. Principles should always be the same regardless of the shooter, new or experienced,  young or old. Proper Principles will make you a better target shooter. Always.


Aiming is a process the shooter uses to point their weapon at the target. Proper Aiming Principles is a must and need to be practiced constantly. 

Aiming is comprised of;

1.SIght Picture

2.Sight Alignment

Sight Pictures:

There are 5 common Sight Pictures most normally taught:

1 Frame Hold

2 Center Mass

3 6 O’clock

4.Line of White

5. Pumpkin on the Post

Regardless which Sight Picture you utilize, the Sight PIcture must remain constant while using Proper Shooting Principles

Sight Alignment:

Sight Alignment is the proper relationship of the front and rear sights. They must be properly aligned to the intended target. There are multiple types of sights but they all work the same. Align the front sight to the rear sight utilizing one of the 5 sight pictures and you will hit your target. 

Sight Alignment uses the Principle of the Horizontal and Vertical line. The bore of the weapon must be level with the sights in relationship to the target

Next We will discuss Trigger Control

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