June 2nd Shotgun Competition

June 2nd Shotgun Competition

Shotgunning at Hilltop Gun Club is a ‘BLAST”!


“Hi Everyone! This is Becky (see picture above!). Thanks for the update Kevin. I have been to a few matches at Hilltop and have had a great time! Very laid back and enjoyable. I have learned a lot from some great shooters! Hope to see you all there!”

“I came here to have fun and Kevin said that was what he wanted. He doesn’t pressure anyone about hurry hurry or oh you missed. It’s all about friends and fun and conversation at Hilltop Gun Club.”

“The Rabbit Run stage was the best. I thought I saw all the targets until the ones I missed were pointed out to me.”

“I like that there were small white flags placed in the ground for us to look around and hunt for targets.”

“They keep that gun range mowed like a golf course..that place is real nice and the trails in the forest were smooth and wide and easy to walk on.”

“They hid 2 targets in the forest, then pointed them out to me. The trail guide said it was a test to see if we would pay attention. Obviously I didn’t. Good job.”

“My shoulder is sore.”

” Shooting 3″ slugs was stupid.”

“The Mock House was challenging but real fun after we walked it about 10 times to figure it out”
“A perfect day and a perfect place.”

“Double Trouble was a target stage of 7 steel plates of many sizes. Blasting them with shot was such a friggn rush. Nothing like getting the shit kicked out of you shooting 14 rds as fast as possible then breathing gun smoke and watching those plates dance and sing. Very addictive.”

“Kevin isn’t well, he is very sick matter of fact, but at the Double Trouble Stage he demonstrated why he is one of the best “Shotgunners” in the Country. He blew through 7 rounds then did a very high speed tactical reload shoot reload all the while moving. His student said he quite often slips back into years of combat training and tactical shooting drills.”

“Kevin gave me 10 Combat shooting drills to work on. #1 was keep both of my eyes open!”

“I had a lot of fun today.”