November 5th Rifle Shooting Competition Was an Amazing Event!

November 5th Rifle Shooting Competition Was an Amazing Event!

We had a great turnout Sunday and a lot of existing members, new members and soon to be members participating! One of our newest participants, Becky Barlag took home the 1st prize award of $100!

Here are some scenes from the competition.

And here are some of the many comments by attendies!

1. I never knew this place existed. It is fantastic.

2. I haven’t shot in 2 years as we have been very busy with our new business but I knew my shooting stance was off and I’m glad Kevin pointed that out to me.

3. I’ve seen some very nice improvements to this gun range.

4. $200 a year membership is a deal for such a beautiful private range.

5. Bob Lust builds some of the best target stages in the United States. My shooting skills were challenged for sure.

6. I cannot believe I won $100 dollars.

7. I have never had celery in bean soup before.

8. That was the best tasting bean soup I’ve ever had in my life. Can I have the recipe?

8. If that was Kevin’s bean soup then it’s a miracle as some of his cooking tastes like shit. Free soup and cornbread and jam oh my lol.

9. This was the most fun I’ve ever had while shooting. What a beautiful day and scenery and the people were so friendly. Hilltop Gun Club is an amazing place. We will be back.

10 I couldn’t hit the side of a barn if I was inside shooting out. Hahaha..

11. 1 woman rifle shooter versus 11 men and she out shot every single one of them with a borrowed rifle. Go girl!

12. My Dad has built an amazing place here over the past 7 years. His effort money and manpower had made our gun club and ranges one of the best in Ohio.

13. I drove over here from Marietta to check out the competition and the range that I’ve been hearing a lot about. They had tough Club stages and very interesting Steel Challenge Shooting Association Competition target stages set up. Shooting in the sunlight then in deep shadows was the hard. But the club needs members and volunteers as it’s growing and they don’t have help. I’ll be back.

14. Kevin the Chief Instructor of Hilltop told us we had 1 minute to shoot those 15 steel targets and while standing. It couldn’t be done and no one did. He told a group of us that back in the early 1900 all British military people had to pass that shooting test with bolt action 303 Lee Enfield rifles. There were guys here with 2 and 3000 dollar rifles that couldn’t shoot a plate 100 feet away… what a wake up call. Thanks for a wonderful time.

15. I walked around while the crew were changing out the targets and setting up the Pistol competitions which I didn’t know was going to happen and discovered a Nature Preserve, hiking trails, ponds and a quaint little cabin. This place is amazing and I felt so invited, safe and welcomed.

16. Rumor is they are building an archery range with 24 targets and a 1.5 mile hike..

17. thank you for inviting us.

18. I had a lot of fun. was nice to see so many women involved. 

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