World War I MAD MINUTE – The Rifle Shooting Drill – 6/11/22

World War I MAD MINUTE – The Rifle Shooting Drill – 6/11/22

By Kevin Martin

The British Army had set up its forces in long swaths along the Conde Canal area facing the German 1st Army as a defensive line against the oncoming attack. The German Army Commander became distracted in Mons while he was on pursuit of the Frence Army and decided instead to attack the British First Army without any Intelligence gathering, logistical planning, battle order or Spying sense. The Germans got their asses kicked badly when they assaulted.

During the mid 1880s Shooting was the passionate desire boost of the English population. Even Queen Victoria in 1860 fired the “Opening Shot” at England’s most flamboyant, opulent High Mannered Bisley Rifle Range. The British National Rifle Association was formed soon after to promote marksmanship and how ” To shoot on a Scientific Basis.” Although the British were very serious about Rifle Shooting, the British military, especially the Army didn’t get the message and go Rifle Shooting and train Marksmanship.

During the Angelo – Boar War 1899-1902 British soldiers were out gunned, out aimed, and absolutely slaughtered by German Army machine gun and Rifle fire.

The Lee Enfield

With improved training the British military learned precision Rifle Shooting at long distance against multiple targets, and especially when using their short length magazine fed Lee Enfield rifles. After years of training Britain’s military men were anxious to test their new Shooting skills.

In the Mons Conde Canal battle the Germans pressed the British warriors using abusive and withering machine gun assaults and frontal Infantry attacks against the British Army. Finally the marksman of England Army were about to use their new found precision Shooting skills and were able to kill on average of 50 Germans to 1 Brit killed. Some shooters were hitting the enemy as far as 1000 yards with the Enfield’s causing the Germans to believe the English had some sort of newly invented machine gun sniper rifle.

And that brings to this!


Each competitor will have 1 minute to engage 3 – 12″ steel plate target at 33 – 100 and 200 yards with 15 rounds of ammo. That’s 15 shots in 1 minute at 3 – 12″ at 33, 100 and 200 yards while standing.

The Winner takes home $100.

3 classes available.

Open and Peep sites. Scope and or Laser.

For more info contact the website or Kevin Martin at 740 517 2774.

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Rifle Shooting Competition June 11th 10 to 2

Mon May 30 , 2022
Rifle Shooting Competition June 11th 10 to 2. Hilltop Gun Club . 3 classes. Open sites. Scopes. Red dot and or Laser. 100 300 and 600′ distances. 3 targets total. Shooting at a 12″ steel plate. 15 rounds in 1 minute. Winner takes home $100.00. $10 entry fee. I hope to see you there! -Kevin