Summer Food And Competition!

Summer Food And Competition!

By Kevin Martin

Hilltop Gun Club located at 675 Pearlwood Road Albany Ohio held its summer picnic and Club competition June 24.  Lots of fun was had by young and old.

Members enjoyed a barbeque with lots of typical summer size dishes and deserts. During the days events lectures were given on Emergency measures utilizing tourniquets, how to clean a Pistol and a Rifle and a wonderful presentation was given about the group, Gun Owners of America.

Throughout the day Mother Nature poured down rain but 20 minutes later the sky opened up to bright sunshine again.

There was a shooting competition with 4 Stages. The first stage was a IPSA target at 125′. That separated the marksman and markswomen from the want to be’s very quickly.

The last competition was comprised of 3 strings of 5 shots each using both hands then the strong hand, followed by the weak hand. Although all the attendees were being rained on they all held tough and the results ended up with a single shot .22 caliber Pistol shooter winning the competition by scoring 20 out of 20 shots.

Congratulations to the winner and all the members and guests that attended the picnic.

Hilltop Gun Club will hold a Steel Challenge Shooting Association Competition July 2 beginning at 2pm.

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