Hilltop gun Club


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Our family hired HillTop Gun Club for a private instruction series in Personal Self Defense and the Handgun Basic Level 1training. Everyone was treated very professionialy and with great respect although none of us had ever seen or touched a handgun our instructor said after a very tiring training on the gun range that we are all now "Gunners" We were informed by others that the chief instructor doesnt give the title of gunner out freely. Some in our family travel and others are at home. Being alone can offer trememdous opportunities for mischief or worse. We thought it was in all of our best interests to learn about the storage shooting and carrying of a pistol.. After 12 hours of HillTop Gun Clubs 1 on 1 training I am no longer afraid of actually holding a handgun or shooting one. They are trememdous instructors. Elizaberh. 11-11-2014