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Winter 2013

HillTop Gun Club Chief Instructor Kevin Martin recently help host a Family & Youth Shoot held at the Rt. 13 Gun Club in Chauncey Ohio. A total of 6 youths were able to complete an exciting shooting event with no safety violations or issues. Especially when 5 of the 6 had never seen a gun up close or touched one! A course of firearm safety was addressed first to each student and then each was supplied with hearing and eye protection and introduced to the firing staged lanes. At first 4 of the 6 students were not able to hit the pre determined distanced target but after private one on one instruction by students of HillTop Gun Club and current life members the students found the target found their sights and then were able to get on target. One young lady who had trouble learning the proper way to aim and then align her sites soon became the person to be reckoned with. Her ability to hit bullseye went from 0 to in the 75% at the end of the shooting day. Another young man who had never shot a rifle was impressive to the point he was the highest scorer and best shooter by far. It is very important to grasp the wonders of one on one training especially with a firearm and how exciting it is to see people with no knowledge or skill sets soon become proficient and simi skilled in an art they are being taught. Each child / youth received many many donated gifts especially from the United States Army, Mike Brown and Pat Murry. Dave Lawrence stepped up and supplied all NRA materials for family friends and the shooters. Please visit our other website The Hill Top Gun Club.net for photos of this annual event