We need your help!

Hello to the Directors and members. Will you please put the word out for me to all of the clubs members asap that the Clubs Carpenter Jesse Westerviller will be at the Range Saturday morning at 10 am to assemble the cabin. He will need assistance. Today I and my 2 employees worked a total of 30 production hours at the range prepping, mowing and weed eating the entire,  setting up the registration and Safe Zone area, picked up 100s of casings – trash – paper targets, organized the ranges, mowed 1.5 miles of trail and made a path over to Steel Target Bunker #1.
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Jesse and I need your help . If you can spare a half hour each then the Carpenters job will be less complicated and stressful. Please pass the request onward and come give us a hand.

Thank you Kevin Martin – Chief Instructor of Hilltop Gun Club. 

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