Hilltop gun Club


2017 Concealed Carry class schedule is posted. Click here!


The Hilltop Gun Club & Archery Range is always in need of members and volunteers, especially with the new expansions and the ranges nearly completed and ready for usage. And we need you now more than ever! We are constantly looking for people to volunteer at the rifle range development site, to work as safety officers (Once trained and certified) to help maintain our 14 acre nature preserve, to set up target stands, seed and straw the fresh bulldozed areas and many many other tasks. As usual recruiting new members for our organization and to assist with direct solicitation and mailings is a task we always need help with. The gun and archery ranges need volunteers to help us maintain the trails and set up various ever changing targets. If you are interested in becoming a member of HillTop Gun Club & Archery Range volunteer, please call 740-517-2774 or email or call any of the officers of the range you see listed on our web site. Or email us at hilltopgunclub.com. Like us on Face Book also Staff