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We made the local news!

Today September 19, 2011 The Athens News a local free newspaper in Athens Ohio ran an article about the State of Ohio Department of Parks / Natural Resources closing the open to the public gun range. HillTop Gun Club website was used as a reference for the article.  Its a glorious day for the club officers and members to be looked upon somewhat favorably in the article. The gist of the article was about the gun range being closed by the park rangers due to over-usage, trashed facilities and without admitting it, dangerous conditions and people shooting at the range. Our officers have over the last 3 years made complaints to the Athens County Sheriffs office, the Ohio Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources and just about anyone who would listen concerning the range.  Right before the range was shut down a student or ours told us a story about what he actually saw at the range. Our student is a man of 62 years, a Vietnam War combat veteran, gun collector, competition shooter and all around good guy. The sort of person that you would want to have your 6 o'clock. His son comes into town for the week and they decided to go sight in a couple of rifles. He had not been to the range for a few months and didn't know of the conditions or antics of some who use the range. So, they start to leave the parking lot and walk up towards the range when they felt, saw and heard a huge fireball explosion go off. He nearly hits the deck when it went off but didn't. They stopped and adjusted their bearings and walked up to the shelter house when Wham Bam Thank you Mam another huge explosion goes off when he see's these two dumb asses squeeze off a trigger on a AR-type rifle. Dude tells me they thought they were going to get fried and the sounds of the explosion sent him right back to Vietnam. (Trust me-we have been there done that)  Our student freaks out as did his son and asks the punks what in the world they were shooting at. The kid which told him (our student) they were Ohio University college students that they were shooting charged propane tanks.   Yee Ha! My friends watch as they the O.U. students slither up the the remains of a white steel tank, however his son starts to lean up against one of the shelters posts and notices a real nice piece of white Ninja looking star stuck in the post about 3 inches from where his head would have been located. Son and dad immediately recognize that it is a piece of shrapnel from the propane tank. Our friend asks the two dumbasses when they come back off the range if they know what it is that he has in his hands. Both look dumb founded and answer no, they have no idea. You ready for the end of the story> HillTop Gun Club student tells them that it is a piece of the exploded tank and that it was shrapnel.. Get this. The O.U. student supper shooter stands there like a doe caught in the headlights of a car when he was told it was the tank piece. The students answer it couldn't be because the tanks ONLY BLOW UP WHEN THEY EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep that's correct they thought the tank only blew up into the sky not blow apart! That folks is what some of our local college students are being sent to college for, to have expensive firearms that their rich daddies buy for them so they can go catch a buzz, go to the State gun range and blow up charged propane tanks. We continue to support the range closure until the State of Ohio comes up with a fair and practical way to monitor the range. Back in the old days you had to go to a class, have a card signed by the forest ranger and then you had to call him to get permission to get to use the range. No problems, no trash, no drunk or high college students, no local hillbillies doing anything wrong. Nothing. Just a safe fun enjoyable range for responsible families and guests.