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Update of Concealed Carry weapons issues in the State of Ohio

For you who are not paying attention the the state media and news our new governor Kasich is about to dump 15,000 convicts out on the streets of Ohio, or that is the rumor. According to recent news leaks the Ohio governor is going to sell off 5 state prisons and then fire the entire work force. The private company will offer the state workers jobs a minimum wage or a dollar or so higher. Ohio's governor also has publicly stated that he see's no reason to put people in prison for crime while under the influence of drugs. The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed. The reason is the counties and cities can bear the burden of controlling their own and save Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars. Did you fully get this? Sell the prisons, let thousands of criminals out of prison, don't put drug fueled criminals in prison and let the communities deal with the problem. Lets give a real good thought to the idea of becoming legally armed. Classes will be held 2 times per month for the Spring and soon to move onto 3 times if the requirements are there. HillTop Gun Club