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Up and Coming September 17th CCW class

HillTop Gun Club NRA certified instructors will be hosting our last of the Summer's NRA Qualified Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon course. As usual this course is a 12 hour required course not  a 9.5 hour course like a local church recently had. And for your information we DO NOT go shoot into a cornfield to qualify you in the shooting part of our program.  Some of the silly stuff that goes on in Southeastern Ohio and Parkersburg W.Va with the Ohio CCW instructors make you wonder how these instructors got their certification from the NRA in the first place. Well to answer that question we will try to explain. Anyone in the United States can go to a NRA course, fill in the blanks on the paperwork, watch a movie, watch a power point presenation, go shoot some firearm on the range and then get bored to death listening to the instructors go on and on about being an instructor. Thats it!  Although we are not downplaying the NRA because we all went through the same course, yet our instructors have gone the extra distance for our own training and for the better of the good for our students. Currently HillTop Gun Club employees three ex military men whom all are combat veterans. Not desk jockeys or some arm chair wanna be but real men who have put their lives on the line so that you the reader of this post can be safe and enjoy your liberties. One of the instructors has an associated degree in law enforcement and the other has traveled extensively around the United States training and being trained in many combative arts. If you are shopping around for a "Deal" or a better price, first ask yourself if those other instructors have "been there - done that" as our instructors have. We bring in a complete system to our training which incorporates self defense, home defense, various weapons training and of course the handgun usage. Classes as usual are filling up quickly so you better hurry if you want to be one of our students this month.