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February 5th Concealed carry class results

On February 5th, the staff of HillTop Gun Club held the first Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) class of the month. The class received 8 hours of instruction at the 8156 location which covered the entire Ohio Revised Code requirements. In addition the class received 3.5 hours of gun range training in the freezing cold. We as instructors fully understand what it is like to freeze or burn up or get poured on during the gun range training time as we are doers not sayers. One gentleman of our class told how his friend had taken a CCW course here in Athens county up from the Glouster-Trimble area and it was a pure joke compared to the requested range time we put our students through. Ohio only requires the CCW instructor to either follow a law enforcement, military or National Rifle Association shooting guide lines. A student qualifying through the NRA can qualify in 15 shots!! As we like to say to our students do you want to qualify and then stand around for another 3 hours of do you want to learn how to really shoot your firearm in a tested and stressful environment. All agree the tactical and combative shooting styles of our range time is the best way to learn how to shoot your way out of a confrontation. Please note that the instructors of HillTop Gun Club teaches and trains their students in any degree or condition of weather. Make sure when you come to our facility to train that you are prepared. That means rain coats when it rains. gloves and proper foot wear and coats and hoodies when its 9 degrees above zero or when its 104 in the shade you bring water, a hat, sun glasses, sun screen and a way to stay cool. Crime and shootouts most usually don't take place inside of a heated and air-conditioned building where you are shooting down your lane and a paper target. Crime most often always takes place where you least expect. Train like you think you are going to need to use your handgun.