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The Head Shot Triad

Recently I was asked when I was on the range teaching a class from a concerned student about how to instantly stop a violent action with a handgun or pistol. In addition she expressed her fear of being blown to bits by a Terrorist with a suicide vest or bomb. Those questions got me to thinking long and hard for an easy answer. I told her later in the week to show up to the range and we would practice shooting THE HEAD SHOT TRIAD drill. As like any other professional combative disciplines instructor I name my training drills. The Head Shot Triad is a drill we run to blow out the brain's Medulla Oblongata out of the skull. If you do a quick internet search you will be able to see and study the human brain and its various parts. Attached and hidden at the top of the spinal cord and nestled under the cerebellum lies the medulla oblongata. Its primary job for humans is that it controls the hands and heart amoungst other functions. Destroy the medulla and the threat is stopped. Any projectile that penetrates the skull most usually stops a human movement within nanoseconds. The medulla oblongata is a favorite target of world wide special forces, law enforcement and highly trained gunners. Knifer's know that slamming a cold razor sharp dagger right into the base of the skull (where the oblongata is) in the Back Neck Pocket as we say in our martial system of Bando will put the human down and out in a blink of an eye. Shootists can attest that a speeding bullets into a skull works the best to stop a threat but that target zone is the most difficult to actually hit especially if the target is dynamic. A case in point would be the United States Navy SEALS that put Osama Ben Laden down with a hot 5:56 round tearing through his nose. OK so you catch the drift that a correctly placed bullet into a select region of a brain works. What is a HEAD SHOT TRIAD shooting drill? 1. the target zone is the size of a roll of fifty cent pieces 2. the target zone is 360 degrees around the skull 3. the target zone can be entrapped at any angle Targets: 1. start with a static target with a piece of duct tape placed on a humanoid target from ear to ear, Shoot face to face 2. make a target that is round or buy theater department Styrofoam heads. They cost about a $1.00 3. run a row of duct tape around your target and then turn the target so you are facing a back or side of a skull Drill 1. From 1' shoot 3 rounds into the skull target From 5-10-15 and 25' do the same shooting drill From 50' and 75' out to 125' again preform the same shooting drill.. Check your shooting ability and adjust for proper marksmanship Drill 2. Set up the skull target as if the person in kneeling down or bent over Shoot down into the skull from various distances Shoot various distances while preforming a Tactical Retreat to cover. Remember you are thinking this person may have a bomb on them and it may explode Drill 3. *THIS DRILL IS DANGEROUS SO DO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR DOING AS A SPEEDING BULLET CAN FLY OFF FOR A MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Kneel, squat, roll and Lay down and shoot up into the base of a skull Lie prone and shoot up into the skull at a distance Lie on your back, kneel or crawl and shoot directly straight up into the bottom of the skull Drill 4. Use various cover and concealment training aids and preform various marksmanship shooting drill into either a humanoid 3-D target, a made target or a paper target from various distances. Learn to find any items to throw at the BAD PERSON or TERRORIST if possible to distract them before shooting their head off Shoot with one eye closed and with one hand. Drill 5. *DO NOT SHOOT CENTER BODY MASS IF YOU ASSUME THERE IS A TERRORIST AS A BULLET COULD CAUSE AN EXPLOSIVE PACK TO IGNITE* There are as many shooting drills as their are stars in outer space. I believe that less is more in any shooting drill so stick to the basics. What is the Threat Where is the Target Find your gun Locate the target Point your gun Aim you sights Fire your weapon Fire again Follow Through Breath Sweep and Scan the area 360 degrees because his wife or buddy might be coming right at you with a trigger in their hand!   Stay safe Kevin Martin Chief Instructor: HillTop Gun Club Athens Ohio