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March 17, 2017 A great review from another satisfied customer: I recently completed the concealed carry handgun course that is offered at the Hilltop Gun Club and I am more than satisfied with my experience. Trainers Kevin Martin and John Euler are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced instructors with a wealth of training skills and techniques that far surpasses any shooter I have ever met. Even being the fairly experienced shooter that I am, Kevin and John opened my eyes to new aspects of firearms handling and using that I had never even considered. The training style of the course is very militaristic and hands on and will offer you a chance to challenge yourself mentally and physically. However, the course is still structured in a way that is suitable for men and woman of all ages and walks of life. I myself am a male in my early 20's and as I mentioned, I could not be more pleased with the course. Also, as a college student on a tight budget, the cost of the class was very affordable and well worth the relatively small investment when compared to the amount of information learned in the course. I left that day feeling confident in the new skills I had learned and found myself very eager to learn more. Fortunately, the Hilltop Gun Club offers an wide variety of courses in varying degrees of difficulty, including hand to hand combat as well as rifle and shotgun classes. I highly recommend the Hilltop Gun Club to anyone. Weather you have no firearm experience and wish to learn to basics of safety and handling, or you are a skilled shooter looking to hone in and expand on your abilities, the Hilltop Gun Club has something for you. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Ryan S.
"I find him interesting and fascinatingly dangerous" -Quote from a female from the concealed carry weapon course about chief instructor Kevin Martin.
"I recently became a certified student of Hilltop gun club during a freezing snow storm. I paid little attention when told that the instructors took everyone to the range regardless of the weather conditions. Shooting defensive handguns in a blinding, freezing to death, sideways snow storm under duress as part of the concealed carry training isn't for the faint of heart or weak. In this brutal yet beautiful training period, I was taken from an anxious man that had never shot a hand gun into an assertive and confident trained shooter that can hit my target. Thanks to the personal one-on-one, careful, safe, professional instruction, I am now much more assured of actually buying a handgun for my family and personal self protection. The CCW pistol course is supposed to be taught over 40 hours, however we got it in a brisk non-stop manner of 5 hours and then 3 hours of soul-wearing gun range training." I would recommend Kevin Martin as your instructor, as he is a caring, fantastic intense instructor." H. Legion
Hilltop gun club, I want to thank you for the private training. It was concise, well presented information that I learned from. Our group experience was very fun and the catered food was absolutely delicious. We are jealous of Athens county inhabitants as you have the best little shops and restaurants available. We will come back this summer for the women's training program and look forward for another exciting weekend. In my best regards Janet S.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once more for teaching the concealed carry class. Not only was the class informative and engaging, it was also a real BLAST (Pun Intended). Before attending your program, I had dreaded sitting in a classroom for ten hours. I had originally thought that the instruction segment would be boring, but because you made it informative and exciting, the time just flew by. I also really appreciated your more practical and hands on approach to self-defense. I truly felt all the information and examples that you presented to the class could be very useful and easily applied to real-world situations. It is obvious from the stories that you shared and your resume, that you have “been there” and “done that” regarding self-defense training. But beyond having just gone through extensive training, I feel that you are quite passionate about self-defense and I believe it definitely translates into a more appropriate and ultimately fulfilling experience. If, someday, I had to defend myself against an assailant, I would rather have taken your concealed carry class than some anonymous posting on the cork board of a grocery store. The time on the range was just as gratifying and rewarding as the classroom. You were just as capable with a firearm in your hands as you were with teaching in the classroom. However, your passion and enthusiasm for shooting did not trump safety. I am grateful that you maintained a very high level of safety on the range by fully explaining the necessary safety protocols to the group and then continuing to monitor the group to ensure the well-being of everyone present. It made me much more comfortable shooting around everyone else. All of the exercises that you had us perform were not only effective at increasing the group’s defensive shooting abilities, but the drills were quite consistent with possible scenarios and situations that we might find ourselves in. I can honestly say that I learned more from you in those two hours at the range, than during the countless hours of practice and reading I have done on my own. You were right on the money when you told us that we would all greatly improve as shooters during our time at the range. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and I truly felt that both my knowledge and shooting skills were substantially improved. You are a great instructor, and because of this, I would definitely be interested in attending more workshops and take some higher-level classes with you. You were able to maintain a fun and exciting class without losing sight of the seriousness of carrying/operating a firearm. Also, I am quite excited to see how the new range turns out. I was also impressed with your visions and plans for the continued expansion of the range. So if you could please let know what programs you have coming up and instructions on how to become a member of your range. N.M.