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Teaching large pistol to small girls

Recently a father and his daughters visited the range and inquired about letting his girls try out a pistol. Unbeknownst to me he brought a big thick heavy brand new Ruger .45! Not a gun to start young people, especially very small girls out on. Neither of these two had ever seen a gun let alone touch one so we knew from the start that they would need very proper introduction to gun mounting, proper stance, breathing techniques and sight alingment. Although they were scared out of their normal minds and were shaking like dogs shitting toothpicks by the time we finished their introductions and tactical training these two very young women over came their fears and were actually very into shooting.. As dad said afterwards: "You have a real talent for teaching and calming." We hope dad will buy the girls some .22 revolvers and rifles so that we can start them both off onto a fantastic world of target shooting, firearm collecting and maybe hunting.