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Students Comments from the Concealed Carry classes

I have taken classes for more than 30 years especially while I was in college and afterwards. I was amazed with the amount of knowledge I gleaned from the Hill Top Gun Club CCW training. The instructors at Hill Top are very professional and Kevin is a true hoot to listen to. I recommend this class to anyone. D.W. I have wanted to take a concealed carry class for 5 years, but was afraid of what would happen if I made a mistake when I carried my gun. Hill Top's classes are above anything I could imagine. They encouraged us to relax and just go with the flow. It was a very fast 12 hours of training. I am now a part of my handgun instead of being afraid. Sue Kevin Martin is the best. His courses are excellent and intense. Take a word of advise from me, you don't want to ever get into a gun fight with him for sure! Take the class. I did and didn't regret one minute of it. D. S. I thought the cost for the gun class with Kevin and his instructors was very reasonable. But I thought why is he more expensive then the instructors in Glouster and Parkersburg. My cousin took the concealed class in Glouster and thought they were a joke. Spend the money on Kevin and you get what you pay for. The range time was mind blowing. My God they shoot a lot. 150 rounds of ammo for the range? It was worth it. K.T. I learned more in their class about guns and safety and ammo and shooting than I have in my whole life. I am a hunter and target shooter and had no idea about the new ways taught to "mount the weapon." Kevin is on to something with his new way to shoot. I'm glad I took the class. Mike I first took a class at HillTop Gun Club back in the early part of 2000. I wanted to do a refresher course with Kevin and Mickey. Those two never cease to amaze me. They know their art and craft. I love to watch Kevin shoot on the range. Even after his cancer treatment he can still, "Shoot the Hole." Ill see you guys this summer. S. C. I called about the class and the man who answered the phone took all the time I needed to explain how the course ran and what I had to do to get my license. I went to the county sheriff with my certificate and had my license in 3 days. I am excited that I took Kevin Martin's class. I will be back for the rifle class. My name is Elieen, I have never touched a gun in my life. I am 80 plus years old. I am scared living in my town because of all the bad people who scare me. I didn't want to take his course, but he talked me into it. There were more women than men and that helped. Kevin said he wouldn't mess with me after that class. We shot more bullets than I thought possible. I am not as scared as I was so don't mess with me anymore. E. I will not mention my name for security reasons. I work as a doctor for the State of Ohio. Kevin and his instructors did not reveal who I am. He (Kevin) is one tough man, he told us he was a former kickboxing champion of the United States and he acts like one also. He can handle hisself and that gives the students an air of confidence. I brought 3 guns and he let me use them all. His questions are difficult to answer and all day long he probes our minds to make sure we fully understand the ramifications of using a gun in a battle. I had a fear for my life. Tattoo that on your eyelids in case you kill the attacker. Doc. My wife took a CCW class from some woman in Meigs county Ohio and they played lazer tag in the basement instead of going to a gun range. Jesus f---ing Christ! How on earth can a person learn to defend and battle with a handgun by playing tag in the basement. Or is that Tag Your It? She needs to be turned into the state attorney generals office for pulling that sort of stunt. D.L. I brought a revolver to class. Kevin took about 30 seconds to teach me how to get the cylinder open and to stay open. He is like a wizard with guns. Once I had the skill to pop the cylinder open with out mistake, he then taught me how to unload and load. It took me almost 5 minutes to unload and load but by the time I got off the gun range I could do it in less than a second. Always be prepared. Thank you Kevin, Mickey and Chuck.. Darrell Chuck at HillTop Gun Club taught us alot about how to carry a gun in a holster. That was an exciting class. M.M.C. Weak hand, strong hand, shooter down, shoot move, keep your eyes on the target, index your ammo, ignorance, pride, carelessness, don't store the ammo in the freezer, what if you miss the target and shoot some 4 year old girl eating ice cream 2 blocks away, the bad person is in your car, where is my flashlight. The training never stopped and then they started to pop fire those questions. I'm wore out even 3 days later. Take the class at Kevin's you wont be disappointed. Bobby Kevin, that was a fantastic class. You know your topics and Im glad you told us to join the NRA. If we don't, we wont ' guns. Get some! Iraq class of 2004. You Know Who. To the instructors at HillTop. I am very pleased with the type and style of training, however Kevin does cuss more than I like. However the course was presented in a professional manner that was easy to stay with. We had plenty of breaks and rest up times. The gun range time was very challenging but I do agree I need more training because of it. Instructors are nice and personable and are very free with their time. Margaret D. I am a trained law enforcement officer and former military veteran. I took Kevin's concealed carry class and was very open to his style of shooting and how he brings in self defense techniques and his Bando training to the classroom. We practiced more on the range than I did while employed as a policeman. I do recommend this course to anyone wanting to carry a concealed handgun in Ohio,. Norm the Bounty Hunter.