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  • The range time was the most beneficial
  • I liked all of the practical and tactical training, especially the shooting
  • The tactical part of the training was the best
  • I have complete confidence in the instructors
  • Proper gun handling and real world scenarios were the best
  • I liked the course just the way it was laid out to us
  • The shooting part of the course was certainly the best section of the day. I learned a lot today that I did not know
  • The course covered more than that it needed
  • The training course was great overall and I am glad I came
  • Kevin Martin doesn't ever miss. ever
  • Shooting CBM as the instructors call it was a true eye opener for me
  • Dont shoot to hurt or harm....ha ha they told us to shoot to kill
  • I had a great time and learned a lot of useful information and became a better marksman
  • The droning in the classroom about the dos-and-don'ts wore me out but then it was time for physical training I became engaged and very into the training
  • I have never seen or touched a gun before. After 12 hours of training with Kevin and HillTop Gun Club he called me a "Gunner."
  • Kevin made me feel quite comfortable and told me all the time on the range to breath. It is funny that I held my breath.
  • I was told by Mr. Martin that I was, "Shaking like a dog shitting razor blades" They did calm me down however
  • I liked how the trainers taught me how to look through the sights, the placement of my aim, I didn't know you could adjust the sights on a handgun
  • I liked the proper gun handling and safety while shooting
  • I almost cried when Dave showed the tool for cutting off trigger fingers on the range if we didn't keep out finger off the trigger. I believed he would cut my finger off
  • It was essential to have 3 trainers on the range and I apprciated all the extra help given
  • I wouldn't change a thing! I enjoyed the content and manner in which the content was conveyed
  • Using both eyes and breathing while shooting was a new one on me. Plus I felt that teaching the different shooting positions was beneficial.
  • The course and content was excellent!!!!!
  • Break - Low Mount - Chest Ready - Locked Out. I have never taken any real gun handling training. Now I know fully what Kevin was demonstrating. I can shoot my gun a lot better with confidence
  • I am a 21 year old Ohio University college student. I have never seen a gun before. Kevin let me use his and although I was very frightened on the gun range I became much more aware and aggressive
  • I feel the hands on training was the most beneficial and was happy to have all of my questions answered by Kevin and his instructors
  • Reading the Ohio law before the hands on training was the best part of the course
  • Tactical shooting. Whew wew. Man did I learn how to do some get down shooting. I am not afraid to shoot now
  • Very practical combat training.
  • Everything we did on the range was to our advantage
  • Hands on training and awareness was the best
  • Nice work!
  • Kevin insisted that we learn to punch kick elbow knee and cut and stab before we went to the range. I thought why on earth untill he lectured us about our back up weapon system. Hell I didn't even have a primary weapon let alone a back up one. Now I have lots of weapon choices.
  • I would suggest that if you want trained how to use a handgun in a violent situation where you are going to have to kill someone when your life or others is threatened or you have a grave and serious fear for your life go see the men at HillTop Gun Club. I doens't get any better than what I experienced
  • For an old man Kevin Martin is sexy
  I took the April 9th 2011 Concealed Carry class from Kevin Martin and the adjunct instructors from HillTop Gun Club. We recently moved back into the area and due to an domestic issue, I approached a local county sheriff about getting a permit. I went to his home and asked him for an emergency permit. Later I was told by a deputy to go get training locally then apply. (NOTE should have this woman been violated by her EX and the local sheriff did not give her an emergency permit to carry a loaded handgun about herself I'm assuming somehow some way that deputy could be sued in Civil Court for misleading this abused woman. All Ohio County sheriffs have the right to issue emergency handgun carry permits on the spot) It was suggested by the deputy to seek out a couple of local county Concealed Carry Instructors but we couldn't find anything about them on the web. We did all of our research on the web for a competent instructor. Even the Ohio Attorney General's website link lists HillTop Gun Club as a certified teaching school. Everywhere we looked on the web HillTop popped up. My husband searched through HillTops website and spent a considerable time reading what was inside the website. HillTops web site and information convinced us to pay for the class. One hundred dollars apiece plus ammo is a lot of money to us but it was well worth hiring Kevin and his team. I will recommend them to all of my friends. And Ive never shot that much ammo out of my handgun ever! Name withheld for protection. My father is a proud Vietnam veteran and I am a retired Ohio Corrections Officer. I have a very chronic pain issue and cannot stand set lie or move more than 5-10 minutes at a time. My dad has Parkinsons which gets worse over time. When I called Kevin I was immediately put to ease with his light banter and joking. When I told him about dad and how f------ up I am he just laughed at said. "dude I'm a Vietnam veteran and a hillbilly and I gar-ron-tee you both will pass my test even if I have to give it to you ten times!" I haven't even seen this guy and he is carrying on and telling me not to even worry. I sent in the deposit quickly and called him a lot just to make sure we could be in his class. Kevin and Ben don't f--- around. Both have been in combat and they are not the silly boy types. Matter of fact they both have been trained by Sam Jones in Glouster. Hell my dad taught Sam how to play the geetar.If you trained and fought with Sam then you gotta be tough. HillTop expects all students to qualify first then go through the combatives course next. Dad and I had a rough time but Kevin and his other instructor Mickey just gave us personal private attention and instruction like we were there brothers. They are shocking, fun, intense, proud and very patriotic. I recommend them to anybody. J and J in Logan I am a Ohio University college student. I have been raised up on Trap shooting and rifle and have not shot a pistol very much. I was anxious about taking the class in the first place and thought the instructors would be against me for being a college student. I learned a new way to hold or "Mount" my pistol, how to stand in a stance, how to breath and how to shoot Center Body Mass. I shot about 200 times and missed my Center Body Mass (CBM) about twice. The instructors are highly talented, skilled, deadly, tough and can shoot like nobody I have ever seen. I was robbed in Athens. I told my friends and they just laughed when I told them I was going to get a handgun license in case of a campus shooting by some nut. I'm not going to be vulnerable again. O.U. O.U. athletic. Im not going to give you my name. I was hunting in Southeastern Ohio fall of 2010 for deer. I was up in a deer stand and along comes this dude under the tree. I just stayed quite. He came back and was carrying shoulders full of fresh cut marijuania plants.! Yes here I am in a tree. (I'm from Northern Ohio) and this man comes out of the woods carrying pot! Then the dumb a-- asked me if I want some so I wont call the police. Im not making this up. I wont get caught without a handgun again even though I did have my shotgun with me but I didn't know the laws. I recommend Kevin and HillTop to anyone. Challenging, engaging, frightful, tiring. I don't know about any other who teaches concealed carry but after taking this course with HillTop Gun Club I will recommend them to anyone who asks. Bob I drive for a living. I took Kevins class year and I'm still buzzing off from the range time. One guy told me there is some class in Parkersburg who teaches CCW and the guy is a clown. My other shooting buddy says there some people in Trimble and they are as bad if not worse. Why does the Ohio goverment let people who don't know what they are doing give people who don't know what they are doing give a concealed carry certificate. Go to HillTop and really learn what to do and not to do. CR I watched Ben and Kevin go through what was called "Instructor Drills" they take the time to shoot right beside us and often use our guns. My God they can shoot fast and never and I mean never miss. They did shoot while we loaded our magazines a drill called Two to center body mass and one to the head. I watched them put 5 -3 shots on target in about 12 or 15 seconds. If I get into a shootout I want them with me. Take their course as you will get the best known in Southeastern Ohio. Barb I have never held or shot a gun. I called the number on the flyer and got ahold of some man with a gravelly voice. He is fun and calmed me down and took all the time I needed to answer my questions. I came to the class not knowing what to expect. Kevin is a down to earth professional who loves what he is doing. I am now a part of my gun and my gun is a part of my life. I feel safer. S. I. I live on big boats for a living. I am a ship captain on the ocean and do not get back to Athens often as I like. I hired Kevin for a private class. We studied the laws and dos-and-don'ts, then went to the range. Man, we shot and shot and shot. Kevin says its all good to know how to clean a handgun or go buy ammo at Walmart but by God he is more into shooting than required. I burnt up 150 rounds of ammo in about 1 hour with my thumb hurting like hell loading the magazines. It didn't matter to Kevin as he said learn to shoot and learn right. I can say its an excellent time with him. I wish I would have done this years ago. Ben and Kevin and Mickey taught us some very high level self defense with a handgun then added in a kickboxing demonstration using empty handguns. Wow! I didn't know that being in a gun battle meant to be in a fight. I see all my gun information on TV and they only shoot once and the bad guy is dead. Wow did I get an earful. Take the class. Kevin is a bit crude and swears like a sailor but he is lovable like a teddy bear. Mary