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Ohio's Department of Natural Resources / Parks rangers have shut the Strouds Run State Park gun range down to the public. Quite possibly forever!! Local gossip was the range was going to be closed due to the overuse and abuse by local Ohio University college students. At times there would be 30-40 kids shooting anything that fired a cartridge into the trees, streams, roof of the shelter house, the Range Closed Sign, computer monitors, beer bottles, TV's, couches, burning trash cans, blow dolls, cell phones, out houses and any damn thing that was shootable. State Park Ranger said 3 weeks ago the rifle range was closed due to students shooting down the forest trees with many high powered center fire rifles including 50 caliber Barrett rifles. Anyone in their friggin' right mind should know better, but we are talking Ohio University here with the world famous label as one of the top 5 party schools in the entire United States of America. Well due to that party school image hanging on every student of Ohio University now they have caused the gun range to be closed to the locals. We the locals were the ones responsible for the range being in operation for the last 50 years and now due to the likes of a pack of idiots the range is shut down. Don't bother calling your state rep or senator, but do spend time calling the President of Ohio University Roderick McDavis and let him fully understand your idea of Town and Gown relations.