Steel Challenge Shooting Association Development In Final StageSteel Challenge Shooting Association Development In Final Stage

Hilltop Gun Club’s range owner announces the near final phase of development of the Steel Challenge Shooting Association 7 target stages locations and bunkers.

Discussions and planning were made May 6th to set the final grade of the SCSA area, add drain systems including French Drains and create staging areas. Range Maintenance Officer John Jones said, ” due to landslides caused by the heavy equipment operating company, Covid and never ending rain in Southeastern areas of Ohio including our range, we were set back by 2 years, but hopefully after Memorial Day we can get the place under seed and straw and build the dividing walls to separate the Target Stations.

Our Board of Directors are chomping at the bit to get pistol competitions going on here as Hilltop Gun Club will have the only sanctioned United States Shooting Association range from below Zanesville over to Columbus, beside Circleville all the way down to the Ohio River and clear back up to Caldwall.

In other words 1/4th of Ohio has no USSA or SCAA range. Hilltop Gun Club will be the Ohio’s newest and nicest range and we hope to be in operation by July.”

Kevin Martin