Hilltop gun Club


2017 Concealed Carry class schedule is posted. Click here!


The owners of HillTop Gun Club are excited to announce the up and coming new training facility on Pearl Wood Road Athens County Ohio. This state of the art training facility will offer private and public year around training in multiple combative disciplines. HillTop Gun Club is Athens Ohio's only professional full time training organization offering education in the firearm, edged weapons, thrown items, archery, BB, Air Soft, hand to hand and self defense systems. Our instructors offer world class instruction especially our current and former law enforcement and military personal. HillTop Gun Club is currently devoting a lot of materials, resources and time at the facility to have it open by early 2015 as long at there inst 10" of snow on the ground and its -23 below zero.. Current the 125' shooting lane and slot if finished with 25' side embankments and the Shoot House bunker is also finished. The Lower range is nearly complete and ready for training. In December Phase 1 of the archery walkways platforms and tree houses will be constructed and ready to use. Please stay in touch with out website for future updates and contact us for your questions and comments.