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Recent killing in Athens County

According to Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly, he is close to rounding up and arresting a killer or killers in New Marshfield, Ohio. Citizens in Southeastern Ohio are now calling New Marshfield "The Killing Fields" and "Murder Capitol of Athens County." Neither are positive comments about the village. The person killed was a known drug dealer who had been in the business for at least 20 or more years and the night before and the night of he had 30 to 40 visitors at his home. I don't know about most people who read our comments, but around here, in this neck of the woods, he was either operating a Frat House or he was very very popular with the locals who were all known to be drug or alcohol or both users. County Deputy Sheriff Childs said at a recent Crime Watch meeting in the village, that the killing was random and nothing to get worked up about. He even went on to say people shouldn't get into the vigilante mood and to not worry. Sheriff supporter, and suspected harborer of drug dealers in his trailer court, Pearl Graham, says he loves the little town of New Marshfield, although he has never actually lived in the town and also is known as sheriff Pat Kelly's probable best friend. My only comment is, folks if you are scared in your own home out there have a loaded gun at the ready, if you are out of doors and or off your property you most definitely should have an Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon permit and arm yourself with a fully loaded pistol. It it much better insurance to be prepared and trained than to be caught off guard.