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Recent customer/student comments

I was scared to death and was according to Kevin, "shaking like a dog shitting razor blades" I thought my handgun would blow up in my hands and face. I have never shot a gun before. Kevin came over to where I was about to shoot and told me in a very calming and soothing manner that I was going to be alright and it was absolutely normal to be frightened, but that the gun was not going to blow up. The 3 hours of shooting wore me out but I came away with confidence. My daughters friend took his course and she recommend HillTop to me.  Flower Power. Center Body Mass - Shoot the Hole - Breath - Stop squeezing so damn hard - Open both of your eyes - lean into the gun-bend over - tuck your elbows in. It was non stop all the time we trained and shot. Ive never shot that many bullets before at one time. The instructors are safety fanatics and I dont want to be the one who screws up around those people. Ben calms people, Mikey is a gently giant and Kevin tests and teases for 12 hours non stop. I would not recommend this training for the concealed carry if you are not willing to train and drill for the entire day.  And they test us all day. Kevin says he asks over 150 questions supplied by the National Rifle Association. Im glad I made it through. R.T. Never a dull moment, and I love Larry's Dawg House. (We stop to eat at larrys at every class K.E.M.) Tom Thank you very much for the kind words and the one on one training. My brother in law said he took a CCW course down in Shade or Meigs County and it was boring and dull and unsafe. I had nothing to compare when I went to HillTops gun class. I would recommend it to anyone. Sherry Sorry this took me so long to get back to you, but I did get my license. Meigs county can be a pain in the ass at times when applying for the license. They act like it was a crime for me to go to Athens county to get my training. It looks like I will be coming back to you for other classes. Norma B. I'm afraid that I might not get my license. HillTop instructors scared the bee-jesus out of me with all the stories and liability issues and that I might have to fist fight along with using my handgun. Ben said we must train at least 1 time per month to keep fresh. Whew. I did learn more about guns and the law than I knew existed. I had a great time. John S. I recently took a private class with Kevin. I have medical issues I wont discuss. I can not hold still for very long and have real problems with stability and control.  Kevin took me to a gun range and pushed me futher than I was willing and he kept saying, "suck it up man, you are a Vietnam veteran, I dont want excuses I want action only." I think he thinks he is a drill instructor at times.  I have not trained like that since 1969 when I went to the military. After 150 shots I was on target, I could hit center on the target 9 out of 10 times and I qualifed for my license. I am now a licensed concealed carry weapons holder and I feel much safer knowing I can protect myself with a handgun if the issue is warrented. Thank you. R. Hi Kevin, Mickey and Ben. Please accept my sincere gratitude for the recent training I took with the three of you. I have so much to remember and to train. Do you know of a gun range where I can practice? Will you be holding another class again in the near future? Dave Could you confirm reciept of the new 2012 tenative schedule and whether you would be interested in doing a private training and would it be possible to it in our county? I can get you 10 students. C. Park You guys did a fantastic job and Ive learned so much. I am more confident and feel I can shoot my handgun if I have to. You opened my eyes to a totally different world. I would have never known a handgun bullett will shoot through 3 to 4 walls in a house! Wow.  And oh by the way, I now pay much more attention to everywhere I go and everything I do now that you scared me into paying attention! Thanks guys,, Marla Watching other students for 12 hours go from total gun virgins to agressive knowledgable handlers of loaded dangerous handguns was a life learning experience. I have only touched a gun once when my father who was a WWII veteran showed my his handgun he brought home from the military. I for the life of me would like to have his gun now. I learned more in 12 hours in Kevins class than I have in an entire quarter in college. It was a fun but safe and serious time with you guys. David Retaeht