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Recent concerns about the New Marshfield drug gang return

NEWS FLASH! Athens county Sheriff Pat Kelly is stating on record as of 2-3-2011, that there is the probability that a former gang of crack cocaine dealers are attempting to re-establish themselves back into Athens County Ohio. Kelly and his deputies and various other sundry law enforcement agencies were able to shut down the well established drug gang in Waterloo township and put the majority of the dealers and drug heads behind bars. The people of New Marshfield, Mineral, Carbondale, Hocking, Del Carbo, Brooksville, Salem, Union and Lurig are grateful that the gangs are in prison but are still afraid and frightened about their personal belongings and safety. Now is the time to prepare and defend, get your Concealed Carry Permit as soon as possible. You dont need a permit to defend your home and property but leave there and then its a total different ball game, which could land you behind bars. Dont be a victim. Contact Hilltop Gun Club now for a free tri fold mailer explaining your rights.