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Recent comments from our CCW class

The gun training was most beneficial. Thank you The State of Ohio needs more training and there isn't enough time shooting. The safety aspect of the class was most beneficial I don't see how the training course could be improved other than more gun training I need more time and more training. The explanations and demonstrations were the most beneficial. The class was very good. I could use more suggestions on how to clean my gun and more criteria on buying a pistol. Practicing without ammo and demonstrations was the best. The instructor needs to allow more than 60 seconds to fully load a magazine. A new gun will get you killed. I did not know there was so much to learn about selecting, buying testing and storing ammunition. I shook like a dog shitting razor blades the entire time on the range. I'm scared of my gun. I am going to be taking more classes with HillTop until I feel more confident. Loading and unloading magazines while Kevin encourages us in his very intimidating way is stressful. Then he is always, "come on come on, hurry up" don't stand still, quit looking at your magazine, where is the bad person. Get that gun back up and running. I am just totally exhausted It was a day that I will not forget. I am going to recommend to all of my friends who are wanting to have a concealed carry weapon permit to go to HillTop and receive the best training available in Southeastern Ohio. I thought the Yo Yo Homeboy shooting was odd but then I did it again and found it helpfull