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Recent comment about a July 17 private shotgun class

I may have had the misfortune of taking a private shotgun class from Hilltop Gun Club's chief instructor, Kevin Martin. I've read articles and have spoken to friends about the training intensity that Mr. Martin is known for. I contacted him back in November about if and when he would be teaching shotgun and he said anytime I wanted a class to get in touch. According to some law enforcement people, Hilltop's classes are based on realistic combat shooting, as the instructors are always "wired in" with people in the military. Little did I know that I would be flooded non stop with a steady stream of Bando Gun Hand training and a body pounding shooting. Mr. Martin warned me many times that if I was going to take a class that I would need to train myself with my shotgun, especially getting used to the guns kick. He suggested that I start off 6 weeks before the class and shoot 50 rounds of various 2.5 and 3" shells for the first 4 weeks, then to shoot 100 rounds week 5 and 6 to prepare my shoulders and arms to the relentless pounding. I did not do as he suggested. I shoot a lot of various firearms and was thinking that I was prepared. WRONG! Kevin's first drill was a cold shoot with 20 rounds of #7 bird-shot, non stop and to load the gun as fast as possible. That was at 9 AM and the day just started. He stated that firearms "ate a shit pot full of ammo" when being used in self defense and combat situations and a firearm will, "run dry" real quick. Thus the second drill he put us through was reload-reload-reload.  That was the beginning of the class and for the next 8 hours with some breaks we shot in access of 200 rounds. He only let up because both of us were so tired and sore we could barely stand up let alone hold up a shotgun. Have a sling on your gun also which I also didn't have. I can state that after Sundays training that I never want to take a any class from Mr. Martin again unless I do exactly as he suggests. Sunday was review and easy training as he knew we were in no shape to, "Mount the Weapon" as he called it. Kevin is like a gentle bear that can and would rip your head off if needed,  but his training is world class. Hopefully by October I will be recouped and will take his Carbine class which he states wont beat me up but will break my bank account. Carbine Class Level 4 we are required to have 2 guns and 1000 round of ammo! I recommend Hilltop Gun Club, and especially Kevin Martin to anyone for any type of firearm or archery training. Be prepared and do as he suggests and you will be rewarded for your hard work. Robert