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PART 2 What is it like carrying a defensive concealed handgun?

We often discuss the issues of carrying a defensive concealed handgun with the staff, club members and new Concealed Carry Weapon students, and the majority of the results are that gun are heavy and burdensome and they dont wear as comfortable as a pair of shoes. Ask any Law Enforcement officer for their view about carrying a fully loaded handgun for 8 or more hours and what is it like, how do they ride on the hip and in holster and how easy or difficult are they to work with like walking, climbing in and out of a vehicle, standing, carrying other things in hand and generally like to live with. Yes you live with your defensive handgun. There are as many holsters available as there are pizzas at Dominos ranging from custom made Kydex (plastic) to hand fabbed leather, cordoba, in the pants, outside of the pants, on a clip, in a bra or even in a pocket. Some people like to wear their gun tucked in from of their pants with no holster or on their ankle. Our advice is ask others about their experiences carrying a handgun and then go to the larger firearm stores and shop. Women especally love to shop and they have to make eductated choices as their choices of holsters are a bit more demanding than a mans. Many stores like Vance's in Ohio offer shelves full of holsters and the sales people are very knowledeable and they most all wear handguns while at work, so they are another source for you to inquire from. In addition many licensed carry people have more than one handgun so they have a holster per handgun. It isnt rocket science but you must do your best to be prepared to carry a hard sharp dangerous tool (handgun) on your body for a few minutes or an entire day. Our staff really has no certain choice as to what type of holster they approve of over another but the majority of them wear a kydex type. Staff