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PAC groups contact Ohio’s Senators over the XM855 ammo issue

Recently the federal goverment through the Bureau of Alcohol Tobbaco Firearms and Explosives via Executive Order was in the process of banning a commmon ammunition. The ammo is often refered to as the "Green Tip 223" or "855." This ammo does have the ability to shoot harder hotter and has more penatration. It also has the ability to shoot through paper targets, ballons and jugs of water. The BATF decided that because the ammo round could be shot through a small AR type pistol it should be banned because it also has the capability to shoot through body armor as most all rifle rounds can. The intention was to scare the anti gunners into believing the carbine round would result in the mass loss of Law Enforcment officers by being shot with a 223 round. No LE officer has been shot or killed by a AR type pistol shooting 223 round ever. A national alert was made through the national media, social media and other communications to contact the BATF and our Senators with phone calls and letter writing campaigns to stop the banning of the ammo. This was the first time in US history that a potential ban was stopped due to the mass outpouring and connections to the federal goverment and our elected officials by law abiding citizens of the country. The BATF recieved over 88,000 positive comments to not ban the ammo. HillTop Gun Clubs advocacy group wrote letters to both Ohio Senators Portman and Brown expressing our displeasure of the goverments attempt to ban a common ammunition. Our Political Action Committed headed by Dave Lawarence is commended for representing our group. The BATF as of March 13 2015 has decided to NOT ban the ammo.