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Recently in United States we have had another sad day where a "loose cannon deck" had gone off the deep end and murdered innocent people in broad daylight. I was asked by quite a few people my view about the crazy ass idiot, gun control in America and as a Licensed Federal Firearm seller what could I have done different. All excellent questions and points of interest. The crazy idiot? It was for sure the young man was ill and needed more help that his parents were capable or willing to provide. Somehow someday we need to go into more of a Big Brother and have an instant data bank to watch and monitor these sort of pieces of craziness. My cousin calls them "nuttier than a squirrel turd." He had a paper trail, had been in trouble in high school, was escorted off college campus, stopped from entering the U.S. Army which has lowered their recruitment levels to criminals and he couldn't even get in then. The man had a problem. Even the Walmart ammo salesman knew he wasn't right. The answer to gun control in America? There isn't one other than more prisons, tens of thousands of guards, more daily hangings and shooting of the pieces of caca right on the front steps of the court house, a mandatory jail for anyone violating any gun law and more education. It will never happen in our lifetime. As a federal firearm licensed gun seller, what would or could I have done? Well, first off, our business does not sell guns to anyone we don't know personally or that has not be "vetted" by a friend. Its not a smart way to do big business but its a way to keep our employees and company out of the evening news. The man passed an FBI background check so according to federal law he was entitled to buy a legal gun. It goes back to what I said earlier that there must be more of a proactive monitoring and data banking of the goof balls who write vile on the internet and threaten themselves and others. Pull them of the street, have a little rubber hose beating behind closed doors at the police station then tell them its off to jail or prison or the military if they don't get their act together. Maybe even forced medication if necessary. That's my opinion. Kevin Martin: Chief Instructor, HillTop Gun Club