Hilltop gun Club


2017 Concealed Carry class schedule is posted. Click here!

November’s 5th Shotgun Class was a winner in everyones mind!

HillTop Gun Club hosted a grueling 8 hour course using the shotgun. All students came with pump action 12 gauge guns. We had one simi auto gun for demostration. Next class hopefully there will be more automatic shotguns in the class. There were 21 drills covered during the course of the including tactical loading, various ways to carry the gun, malfunction drills, ways to shoot and move, cover and concealment and shooting different shot and slug and buck at various distances. In addition to the training course an Ohio University graduate class hired the instructors of HillTop to shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns so that the sound or "reports" of the guns being fired could be recorded. We have no idea for what but it was indeed a very fun time. There were 11 students and their instructor. One of the two highlights of their day was that one of our instructors shot a Barrett 50 caliber rifle!! My Gawd do those guns give off a huge shock wave and sound and one kid nearly jumped out of his skin. Another highlight was that we invited each of the college students to shoot a gun for their first time. Out of the 11 people only 3 had ever touched or fired a gun. We gave each student private one on one training and had them each shoot 4 times.. It was fun for us and the students. Perhaps they will now become the next and future wave of gun owners and users.