Hilltop gun Club


2017 Concealed Carry class schedule is posted. Click here!


HillTop Gun Club is honoring and paying respect to two former founding members of Hilltop, Jack Neal and Carl Fultz. Both have passed. Jack Neal was an Olympic Gold Medal Winner in shotgun. Hilltop produced impeccable results worldwide with their shooting skills especially with Fultz guidance. This shooting system will included safety with the weapon - safety to self - safety to others. Sighting, carrying, mounting and stances. In addition the course covers how to find and hit the target, staying on target with sustained fire, loading and unloading and various tactical shooting drills. This is the only class like this in the entire Southeastern Ohio and the U.S. Come train with professional - high speed low drag veterans who have served in combat, who hunt on a regular basis, trained by the military and NRA and other renowned instructors around the world. This is an action packed day of combative and tactical training utilizing a shotgun. Our First Level Shotgun class is being held November 5 $50.00 per student. 25 rds of slugs, 100 rds of shot and one maintenance kit including gun tools and chemicals. This is a very fun and exciting and helpfull class for anyone who enjoys shooting a "scatter gun."