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Not an emergency but a hurry up CCW class

Since the horrific mass murder of the young puds in Connecticut at the elementary school we have been receiving a pretty steady request for self-defense training, especially using hand guns and edged weapons. We will not get into the gun control debate at the moment, but people you need to get some sort of self-defense training. For some reason if the government starts to strip of us of our weapons which I believe is high unlikely then I ask what is your back up plan? Stick you head in the sand? Run like a frightened rabbit? Cry like a baby? You have know self defense skills. That's why you come to us. We are holding a hurry up CCW classes the entire 2nd weekend of January. We cant put together a class before then. Please please please get your deposit in quickly as both classes are nearly full. You may contact us via the internet for any questioning.