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Muzzle flash at night. Its going to blind you!

Most people I have come to our classes have no idea about the effect of shooting a gun at night and what it will do to your vision. About 20 years ago I attended my first ISPC night shoot and was all excited about running the course. I noticed huge flames emitting from the muzzles of other shooters, but never gave any thought as to what it was going to do me when it was my turn to shoot. I was using my standard Colt 45 with American ammo. My safety and hearing protection was on, the instructor asked me if I understood the course, the gun was loaded and I'm ready. Range officer commands, "shooter ready?" I stated I was and then he hit the buzzer. I came off the shooting block like greased lightening and wham wham wham off goes three shots to the paper target. I was blind! Couldn't see 2 feet in front of my face. Hell, I couldn't hardly even see the end of my gun. I sorta hesitated and then flipped up the safety and called out the the timer man. He came up and I told him I was blinded by the light! We both laughed and walked back to the staging lanes. My lesson then, which was well driven into my head, is that if you ever intend to shoot at night when most shooting takes place, one had better check various types of ammo to see which one offers the least muzzle flash. There are various ammos on the market and you should get together with buddies and friends and go out to shoot at night and find which round works with you and offers the smallest flash. Try it.