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Move – Shoot – Move

I currenty in in process of writing a course for an out of town SWAT team member who is wanting to train in the "System" of combative arts through HillTop Gun Club. Although we are primarily a gun club there are options of learning self defense and self offense using various weapons including fist - feet - knife and stick. Lets digest a bit on the knife aspect of training. How often have you thought you might be in or have been in an area or place or around someone or some people where you might have to utilize a weapon? When was the last time you were in a fist fight? When is the last time you ended up on the ground in a fight?  When was the last time you threw 50 full power kicks at a heavy bag or a tree? What primary weapon did you have with you? What backup weapon did you have with you?   As like  most of my students you probably answered no to the above questions. At each and everyone of our firearm classes we always get this loud mouth comment during the class, " well Ill just pull out my gun and shoot them." and we always respond by saying, "ok tough guy where is your gun now?"  Ha ha they have no gun. It is the same ole same crap as Ill just shoot them. Well what if what if happens. You know what if the gun doesnt work as most brandnew guns dont for the first 1000 rds or you dont have a gun or you drop it or run out of amms. So thus the reason of a back up weapon study. Most knowledgable and profecient students of mine always carry a small sharp folding pocket knife and out of site. If you wear the knife out where it can be seen you are telling everyone you are armed. Remember speed style and surprise is mostly the savior of the day.  Keep your knife out of sight.  If you carry a pocket knife or any other knife you should learn how to use it on hard and soft targets and learn a style that suits you and is easy to comprehend and practice. Flying Ninja and Who Flung Cum martial arts will just get your beat up or worse. You might even want to consider a miminual training session in a boxing gym even if you are too old to get up off the couch. Lets talk some specifics.. according to the Department of Justice 98% of all fights end up on the ground. 97% of all fights are at night. Almost all attacks are within 7ft and all attacks are mostly by surprise. And another excellent satistic is 98% of all humans on the planet are right handed! When was the last time you practiced protecting your left side of your body against incoming blows with the fist feet knee or elbow? Fights and attacks are not like you see on TV and the movies folks. Learn to defend yourself first with your hands then your feet then practice with a knife before you become dependent on your handgun.