Competition,Events,Hilltop Gun Club,Kevin Martin,Rifle,Steel Challenge More About The Rifle Shooting Competition June 11th!

More About The Rifle Shooting Competition June 11th!More About The Rifle Shooting Competition June 11th!

Shooting Competitors – Hilltop Gun Club located at 675 Pearlwood Road Albany Ohio is Southeastern Ohio’s Premier Firearms, Knives and Self Defense Training Institute.

Unlike the majority off all firing ranges in Ohio, Hilltop is set up to encourage Combative, Dynamic and Tactical Training for all Weapon Disciplines.

As a way to promote comraderery and competition our club is hosting a Precision Shooting Competition utilizing the rifle of your choice. DETAILS: June 11, 10 to 2. There is a $10 entry fee.

3 targets located at 100 – 300 and 600′. At each Target Stage a 12″ A-400 Ballistic Steel Round plate will hang.

You have 3 classes to compete in for the money. Open Sites, Scope or Laser / Red – Green Dot. If you desire you can compete in all 3 classes.

Each Class winner receives a $100 dollar bill!!

Who is the Best Target Shooter in the Ohio Valley we ask.

Limited enrollment. Come one Come All. We compete Rain or Shine. But here is the Kicker. You have exactly 1 minute to shoot 5 rounds per plate. That’s right 15 rounds on 3 plates at 3 distances in 1 minute or less.