Hilltop gun Club


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Membership into HillTop Gun Club will be avaliable January 1 2015. There are various levels of membership each offering a specific set of conditions. Board, Full and Lifetime members are required to meet the specific conditions of membership . All membership conditions and requirements will be addressed in your membership packet. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: associate members (A) are allowed to shoot and train on two ranges which are the pistol and the close distance rifle ranges.A members pay full costs of training, clinics and additional usages of the training facility. Yearly A membership is $100.00 FULL MEMBERS:Full (F) members have total access to all training ranges, reduced costs for clinics, discounts on firearms and related items, attire, fund raising actitives and priority over specific range usage and instruction. Full membership is $300 per year LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: Lifetime membership (L) is $3000.00. Lifetime members recieve discounts on all training, clinics, attire, firearm purschase and related accessories, have the ability to use any range at any time and bring guests and family 2 & 3 YEAR MEMBERS: 2 and 3 year paid members will recieve a reduced membership cost at $550 for at 2 year and $800 for a 3 year paid in full. 2 and 3 year members recieve the same bennifits as full members GUESTS: all members are encouraged to bring their guests to the facility as a way to encourage positive fun and safe firearm training and as a way to introduce them to the range. Guests are allowed to use the range 5 times per year and pay $25.00 per visit. After their 5th paid visit they are encouraged to join the club and will recieve a 10% discount to do so COLLEGE STUDENTS AND CLUBS: College students membership is limited to their academic year. Student membership is $75.00 per year. Student members are limited to range usage. Students wishing to train throughout the summer can pay an additional $10.00 and become an associate member SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP: any and all Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, FIrst Responders and current and former military members recieve a 10% discount on any membership and recieve the same benifits of the training facility as would a Full Member. SPECIAL GROUPS: Group rates are available. See a Range Master for details