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May 7th Concealed Carry Weapon Class set a new record!

Our May 7th (CCW) Concealed carry weapon class set a new record. Our students shot very close to a total of 1050 rounds of various ammo at their own ISPC target and there were probably only about 10 or less bullets that didn't hit the intended target. Instructor Riley said that this is the highest shot placement group he has trained - ever. I'm thinking that, since we had two students who were not familiar with handguns, one of 3 who had never shot a handgun and one of 3 who had never fired her pistol ever, that it speaks to our capabilities. The instructors of HillTop Gun Club are excellent conveyors of information and we offer one on one instruction to each student. In addition this was the first National Rifle Association Basic Pistol class where each student had to qualify according to new standards. All students qualified the first time except one. We worked with her after the class and she finally hit 100% of her rounds within a 5" circle. NRA says that all students must qualify on a 9" circle. I say congratulations and a job well done to the May 7th class.