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Marksmanship Principles – Sharp Shooter or Machine Gunner?

As a youth I was taught marksmanship skills by combat veterans who drilled the utmost important shooting principles into my training. Aim small - Shoot smile and 1 shot 1 kill. Every time i handle a firearm I practice those basic skills. Most of my students strive to be marksmen or marks women knowing full well the effects of missing an intended target is a waste of precious time and energy and ammunition's. Marksmanship is hitting your target each and every time. Recently I had the opportunity to test out a newish 5:56 AR Carbine in the 125' range shooting at a 5" tall wood block setting on a 1" thick board. I shot the first 12 rds on target and then set myself up again and fired the remaining 18 rounds of full metal jacketed Hornady ammo. I missed 2 times. My students were a father and son team of ex military service and both were combat veterans who shot a lot and their training in the special forces field was more than evident. Next thing I know the dad gave me another 30 rds to play with and I did. I set up for my next 6 shooting drills. forward aggressive, rearward defensive. side to side shuffle. kneeling. using cover and some rapid firing drills. Staying in the shooting principles that I emphasis always I found my target, pointed my firearm, aimed aligned the sights fired followed through and breathed. A moment later the block had 29 nice new tiny holes punched through leaving a rather interesting piece of artistic work. Aim small - Shoot Small. Staff