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Mad Minute – The RIfle Shooting Drill.

The Battle of Belgium's Mons Canal October 23 1914. The Brittish Army had set up forces in a long swath along the Conde Canal area facing the German Army in a defensive manner. The Germans 1st Army Commanding General was 100% clueless the Brittish were watching his every move due to the fact the he was in hot pursuit of the French Army, and then for some unknown reason; with no intellegence no warning or battle order he turned his army and promptly began to attack the Brittish Army! That was a bad mistake. Some written stories say the Brittish newly trained Army marksmen were shooting very precision shots up up and beyond 1000 yards and killing as many as 50 Germans apiece. Kill rates for the Brittish Army soldiers using mostly Lee- Enfield rifles were beyond 6 to 1. Before the Brittish connected the dots and started a national program of encouraging and training and supporting firearm sports most people in the cournty couldnt hit the inside of a barn if they were standing inside with a firearm shooting. It didnt take long before the in thing to do was go shoot even the Queen herself started her own National Competition. Nation wide the vast majority of rifle shooting had improved greatly within a very short few years because of a Tactical Shooting Drill called the "Brittish Mad Minute Shooting Drill." HillTop Gun Club is excited to announce the Mons Shooting Drill coures will be offered this August 24th. What makes this class exciting it it is for Veterans and their familes exclusiviely. Future information pending. Sponsors are encouraged to contact our staff. August will be a day of commradre and fun friendly shooting. Some proceeds go to Gilham - Frank VFW Post 8804. The Brittish Mons shooting drill is 15 aimed shots into a 12" circle target at 300 yards in 60 seconds. Trust all of us, it is a very challenging shooting drill requiring skill and experinece. For the sake of the drill and safety Hilltop staff will use the same 12" target but at shorter distances. Get out your rifle, practice up and drill. Staff