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Large frame woman with a small frame handgun or vice versa?

I had a private Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) class recently for a select group of women. One of the most interesting question from all of them was the issue of fashion and a woman carrying a handgun rather they were of large or small body shapes. Women are far more aware of their appearance especially when carrying a handgun. As professional instructors we attempt to convey during the short 12 hour CCW session that you must try on multiple holsters and firearms and a spare speed loader or clip and "feel' if what you pick out is going to work. Carrying a chuck of loaded steel and or steel and plastic for 1 hour or 12 hours is an arduous task especially when the majority of women do not wear a belt as men do. Woman on the whole do not wear pants that require a belt. So where do they carry their handgun and how to do in fashion? Our thoughts are for women to get a very small handgun either a semi auto or revolver and carry it in a purse or tucked into the hem of their skirt or pants. If wearing a dress then that's a bit more complicated. Back in the old days women wore garter belts and that was an easy way to carry their handgun. But that isn't too much of an option any longer. So to make a long session short you the ladies have your homework cut out when you decide to carry a handgun and where are you going to carry it upon yourself or purse or waist band. None of us had a true realistic answer as we are men. SO my question is to our students is if you have a comment or suggestion please contact us so we can post an update on where do women carry their pistol?