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Rifled barrels are very precisely manufactured item that can offer years of extreme Minute of Angle {MOA} shooting abilities if the barrel of the firearm is properly broken in. Failure to break in a barrel correctly will cause the firearm to never achive what it was designed and manufactured to do. . For the first 10 shots use only copper jacketed bullets with a nitro powder load . Clean the oil out of the barrel before ever shooting and after each of the 10 shots using Windex to soak out the oil and burnt carbon,. . Stand the muzzel down and soak the barrel with Windex as much as possible . Always clean the barrell from the chamber to the muzzle . Fire 1 cartridge at a time and clean the barrel each time with a copper cleaner . Do not clean the barrel with any sort of abrasive as it will agitate the lands and grooves of the barrel finish . Wait 5 minutes between each firing to allow the barrel to cool . The barrel must remain cool at all times during the break in period . The barrel will lose it ability to develop a "home registeration point" and it's "memory" if overheated and uncleaned if the break in procedure is violated . All barrels will "walk" when fired there after if the barrel break in procedure is violated . All rifles will shoot high to the right and will "walk" the rounds in a uncontrollable manner if the barrel in not broken in properly . Take the time to break in the barrel the first time . After each of the first 10 shots look into the bore of the barrel if you have a bore scope or strong light and mirror and see if there is any copper wash. if so remove all of it before continuniing firing . Around shot 6 or 7 you should be able to no longer see any copper wash in the bore as it should no longer exist . Continue to use Windex and bore cleaner for the entire 10 shot break in procedure . Following the first 10 shots then shoot 2 rounds one after the other and clean after each 2 shots . Only shoot 10 shots maximum during the break in procedure then clean the barrel and put the gun away. . Set the gun on a bench vice the next time shooting and adjust the sights and tirgger if adjustable. By following these procedures this will insure a burnishing of the gun barrel lands and groves is completed. In theory you are closing the pores of the barrel metal that has been exposed and opened during the cutting and rifleing and your are actuall hand lapping the barrell. . After cleaning he barell with a cleaner again wash it down with Windex . Windex has no petroleum which prevents the impregnations of agents into the metal . Petroleum when burnt leaves rich carbon deposit on and in the metal barell lands and groves Kevin Martin: Chief Instructor - HillTop Gun Club