Hilltop gun Club


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HillTop Gun Club is currently in the process of developing a new state of the art gun range in Athens County Ohio. The range will be developed using the National Rifle Association of America Range Development Guideline Manual. Our intentions are to create a 30 person Handgun, competition handgun, shotgun, rifle, archery and air gun ranges. The property currently is in the early development stages and heavy equiptment should start earth moving in late September. Some ideas for the archery range will be walk up platforms with landings at various heights and easy to access trees stands {more like small tree houses} along with shoot lanes. The rifle range may be up to 300 yards. All pistol ranges will utilize stationary and movable targets and will be set up for competition shooting. Shotgun ranges will use the Wild Rabbit and Jungle Lane style to challange shooting along with sationary shooting open air houses. In addition our most interesting range will be the shoot house. Most often firing ranges offer no training or facility for an acutal mock up house or building to enter and leave while engaging targets. We intend to make the shoot house the pemier training house in Southeastern Ohio. In addition there will be ample partking, a restroom and possible a club house. Interested shooters must become a private club member and qualify on the range through which ever shooting discipline they wish to train and shoot. HillTops range will work along side the township trustees, county commissioners and state agencies for enviromental inpact mitigation, local and state laws, good neighboor standing and to bring in local law enforcement people to train at the range. The range will also utilize sound reduction barriers to mitagate firearm reports. Please in touch for future updates.