Hilltop gun Club


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According to the new Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon Revised Code, it will no longer be law that the only way for a group to be qualified to teach CCW is through the NRA or Goverment or Military or Police agency. The new law states that a qualified, "Firearms Advocacy Group" can teach the Ohio CCW course. HillTop Gun Club has been an advocacy group since its inception in 1947 by the veterans of Gilham - Frank VFW Post 8804 New Marshfield Ohio.. Returning combat veterans from World War II started the VFW post and then promptly bought a piece of property and started the gun club. One of their mission statements is, "Always to promote safe rifle shooting in the defense of the country, the Consitution and fellow veteran." Through out the decades since 1947 HillTop Gun Club members have advocated for the ideals of firearm usage, competitive shooting, commaradre with fellow men and women, youth safety and hunting programs and political actitivism. Certificates of Qualifications were introduced for Instructors, Range Managers and Safety Officers in 1988. Currently the Board of Directors hosts a Political Action Committee headed by David Lawarence along with other active members. Another mission statement of HillTop Gun Club goes as follows: "HillTop Gun Club is an organization that advocates for the safe and responsible excercise of 2nd Amendement Rights to bear arms. The Club is comprised of upstanding members of and leaders in the community who support individual opportunities to learn about firearms, their safe use and transport, while improving the knowledge and skills of people who wish to use handguns, rifles and shotguns for hunting, sport, and / or protection. The Club engages the community in conversation (e.g. a open to the public library firearms discussion and a Youth Rifle Shoot) about firearms, opening up a dialogue on safe enjoyment of firearms and dispelling myths and half truths on guns (firearms) in society. Our group offers qualified instruction so that if you desire to be a Range Master a Safety Officer or Firearms Instructor please contact a staff member for additional information and pricing.