Hilltop gun Club


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The board members of HillTop Gun Club is hosting a public educational forum January 23rd from 6 to 8 PM in Athens Ohio at the Athens County library located on Homes Street. The objective of the club is to offer education on the positive aspects of firearm usage such as, hunting, collecting, self defense, buying and selling, target shooting and for public display such as a museum. Recently the President of The United States of America used innocent children to hide behind so that he can again scare and shock anti gun mothers and fathers in this country so that they will to continue to think all legal rightful firearm owners are fat white men who hoard weapons and want to harm innocent people. Because of the recent mass murders with firearms, the HillTop Gun Club decided to hold a public meeting to discuss issues of firearms. Lets all band together and get the word to local state and national politicians that we will not stand for the idea to curtail our rights to our guns and or ammo. Please attend the January 23 rd meeting. HillTop Gun Club