• Hilltop Gun Club is growing weekly. We have 5 new members
  • Steel Target Bunker # 2 is now up and running with 21 steel targets soon to be 27 once we weld up the Texas Star
  • Our August Pistol Shooting Competition will run 3 stages.

 1. Rabbit Run which is a Hunt and Seek shoot throughout the forest. We will have hidden and obvious steel and paper targets throughout the trail system. 30 Shots required 

 2. Hard Swing will have an ISPC style shoot utilizing 3 targets to the left front and right. 30 shots required

 3. Come Prepared will be set up on The Slot Range. This stage will have 30 ISPC style targets set up. 30 shots required over a 100′ travel distance

  • There is discussion to create a Rifle Shooting Competition. Our objective is to have it up and running by September. Although HGC isn’t set up for uber-long distances the rifle range is set up in a challenging manner. The first rifle shooting competition will be the British Mad Minute which is to shoot 10 –  8” targets at 100 in 1 minute and 300 yards in 1 minute while standing. No Optics allowed. Whoever completes this shoot at a 100% score will become Charter Members of the Rifle Club
  • Construction. I need help creating a Info Center and to build a wood bridge across the creek to replace the culvert. I would like to schedule a work party. All materials and some labor and electricity will be supplied. Stay tuned for a weekend date
  • The Coffee Cafe was a hit. However it was a test. We will keep doing the Cafe but scaled down considerably
  • Bill Hendricks has tuned up the steel targets in Bunker 1 to keep them from flying of their stands and mounts. Thanks Bill
  • I am going to ask 2 members next week to approach Carter Lumber Co to see if they are or are not going to donate materials for a building over the rifle shooting area. We have been going back and forth for 3 years now
  • We are spraying The Slot range with weed killer this coming week. The grass and weeds have taken over and that makes it tough to find casings
  • Members have been receiving very positive comments from new members and guests. One guy said it was the range he has been looking for, forever. Another said at least there is a bathroom. A guest said the rifle range was the most impressive and challenging he has ever shot on. And a young super shooter U.S Army Combat War Veteran said even he cant see the 800 and 900′ target stands without optics
  • We have a member that has an FFL and will purchase items guns ammo blah blah for you but only at his beck and call. He doesn’t want people flooding his place. Its strictly private discussion and meetings only
  • Members are training weekly at the range for the Pistol Shooting Competitions around the state. If you are going to compete you need to train
  • Chief Instructor Kevin Martin is back to training and actually getting on target. How easy is it to lose your shooing skills??? very easily. He shot over 2500 rounds the past 2 weeks resetting his style and testing handguns. So far he is sticking with 9mm
  • We will have a club meeting Saturday August at 17 at 5PM at the clubs head quarters located at 8156 Salem Road Athens Ohio 45701.  We need to know who is coming so we can prepare chili for dinner and to facilitate the meeting

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Range Hours

Wednesday  11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
All other days: By appointment only

HGC Mission Statement

"To provide education, training, and safe proper usage of firearms under the direction of a qualified range officer as a means to promote sport shooting in a controlled environment utilizing the best instructions, practices and principles available."

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