Hilltop gun Club


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Hilltop Gun Club & Archery Range

There is a well known saying that Rome wasn't built in a day. And I find that so true creating a brand new archery and firearm range out of 14 acres of very undeveloped land and forest. Over the past 3 years the raw piece of property that had 2 burnt out double wide house trailers, a  burnt up storage building, a former junk yard, a dump ground for an ex asphalt company and a host of other issues has finally come to the near completion of being ready. Yeah yeah I know i have said that from the get go but it is nearly finished. Last week we graded all driveways and parking lots hopefully for the last time and the Swamp Range was graded for proper drainage to the creek and then seeded and rolled down .If that works then we will start to install the Static Target Archery Range. The Static Target Archery Range will also have a shelter house, bow hangers, benches, tables and chairs and a places to store equipment. That will offer archers stationary targets from 25' out to 450'. The bulldozer operator was finally able to get the junction of 3 roads in and out of the forest graded and all of that area will be seeded this week. The last absolute work we need to complete will to be to lower the area in between the 800-900' bullet impact zone down another 4' then widen out the actual bullet impact bank another 20'. Once that area is finished then we will have a large 150' by 100' flat graded area to conduct classes. Then up goes the target holders and that is ready to be used. The last few small jobs will be to get the #2 Steel Alley bunker graded and seeded and then the swamp will be dozed out so we can drive through the middle of it up into the 1000' rifle range and to create the Bio Gardens and Wildlife area. In other words we are creating a 1/2 acre swamp. UP on top of the meadow at the back of the property we recently noticed that the Butterflies- Bats - Bees and & Bats wildlife area if functioning as designed and planted and last week saw at least 50 Monarch butterflies. You may be asking why is the range being developed into a Wild life sanctuary and preserve? The 14 acres is 50% meadow and lawn and the rest is forest. Monarch butterflies are very endangered and S. E. Ohio is one of the best places in the entire North America area for them to fly to from Mexico. Today we will transplant 12 more Butterfly Weeds which host the Monarch. Over the past years we have seen a myriad of animal life in the area including fish, deer, bear, turkey, geese, frogs, turtles, squirrels, rabbits, raccoon, snakes, opossum, fox, coyote and every known bird including an eagle. The Operations Board of the club decided we must do what we can to protect and encourage all creatures to come live off the land and offer enjoyment to our customers and members. Many people when they see the range for the first time often comment how it looks like a city park. Rabbit Run Range now is cleared and ready to be utilized as soon as we buy Rinehart 3-D and stationary targets. In addition we will also have paper and metal targets throughout Rabbit Run to hunt. Please consider our range for your visitation and usage. We hope to have another shelter house up over top of the Rifle Shooting area and benches shortly Over the next month or so there will be a cabin placed up on top of the meadow and can be rented for a low cost. IT will be primitive camping usage only and there is not a better place for a romantic get away and star gazing. You can always contact any of the board members for further information.